Private Property Rights Definition: What Are Property Rights?

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Do you know the meaning of private property? It’s important to understand the private property rights definition.

Private Property Rights Definition

First, property rights are not the same as personal property. Property rights often refer to the rights of ownership, while personal property is the physical object that a person owns.

Second, property rights are not the exact same as land or real estate ownership. Land and real estate ownership (often called real property) typically refer to the property ownership rights of a piece of land or a structure. Property rights in this sense refer to the ownership rights of the land and structures, as well as the things on the land or in the structure.

Personal Property Ownership

A person’s ownership of property is a right, which is a protectable interest in types of property. People can own property in two ways: through an ownership of the thing itself (i.e. land, car) or by virtue of owning the rights to the thing (i.e. copyright, patent). A property owner is a person who owns one or both of these types of properties.

Country Property Rights

Every country in the world has some form of property rights. Property rights are ranked on a scale of 0 to 100, in increments of 10. A rating of 100 means private property rights are clearly defined and enforced, whereas a rating of 0 means no private property rights exist and all property belongs to the state.

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